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Human Resource Development through innovation and productivity. B. Delahaye & S. Choy


What sets this book apart is its focus on equipping human resource developers with knowledge, skills and strategies to help workers gain, create and appropriate knowledge and skills that build their capacity for innovation and productivity.
It offers comprehensive theoretical and practical coverage on workforce development using practical strategies for learning to achieve occupational and career development goals, and organisational productivity targets. The content repositions workforce capacity building beyond human resource management to include human resource development with interests in individual and organisational outcomes.
The distinct feature of the book lies in the embeddedness of the strategies within the context of work settings, and a focus on innovation and productivity. The point of departure from other similar texts lies in integrating learning and work to closely align with the organisational strategy and individual development plans to serve, both the individual and system. The boxed notes illustrate how theoretical concepts are applied to a case site, enabling students to draw on these to reconcile the content in the context of worker-learners and workplaces they engage with.
The composition of the content and design of the book was deliberately set out to meet the learning needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as practicing human resource development personnel with responsibility for individual and organisational learning. The accompanying workbook allows users to self-assess their interpretation and application of theories and concepts, as well as theorise new knowledge that is created during their learning and practice.

Guide for Microsoft Word 2019: Beginner (Word – 2016 version on request)

  Also available – Guide for Microsoft Word 2016 – BEGINNER by Tekstar This publication is designed as a go-to guide for a user who is working with Microsoft Word 2016/2019. It can be used as a tutorial for self-paced learning or by an instructor for teaching. If kept conveniently near your workstation it can also be used as your primary reference, showing you the most efficient ways to approach word processing tasks. The contents of this publication can contribute to achieving the following unit…

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Foundations of Australian Law (6th Edition)

Foundations of Australian Law is pitched exactly at the right level – in terms of both content and language – for business students, for law students, and for international students. This sixth edition has been fully updated to include changes in the law.

This text consists of 12 chapters, divided into four parts. Part A looks at the Australian legal system. Part B addresses torts, and defamation, nuisance and trespass. Part C covers contract law and is divided into three clear and logical chapters. Part D details consumer law, specifically the sale of goods and consumer protection. Part E contains a Glossary of key terms, Tables of Cases and Acts, and a comprehensive Index.

To support the learning process, each of the 12 chapters includes highlighted Legal principles and Case studies, plus new Test your understanding questions to encourage legal research. Each chapter concludes with Terms & concepts review questions, Consolidation questions, and Discussion questions or challenging Problems.

Now, in addition to being an accessible and affordable textbook for Business Law students studying law in Australia, it is also the most up-to-date.

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Human Resource Development (5th Edition) by Brian Delahaye and Sarojni Choi

Trainers, instructors, adult teachers, human resource developers, workplace educators, community educators, learning consultants and knowledge managers are just some of the titles given to the people, who are given the responsibility to develop individual and organisational learning. People who undertake this role are faced with a number of conflicting yet ever-present pressures. Among these pressures are: 1. demands to decrease the dollar and time investment in staff development, 2. the increasing complexity of technology, 3. the enhanced expectations of adult-learners that they be treated as…

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Shape Up Your Finances (2nd Edition) by Ian Birt

Shape Up Your Finances: The Personal Finances Handbook (2nd Edition)
by Ian Birt

Shape Up Your Finances: The Personal Finances Handbook is for Australian individuals of any age. It is a handy short general guide to help you get your personal finances into shape.

The book offers insights into managing your personal finances, outlining what you need to consider through three life stages: early on, working life and retirement. It describes financial processes in a clear and concise way without the jargon, and it includes plenty of practical tips and suggestions.

It includes simple overviews of earning income, controlling spending, building assets, taxes, entitlements, and superannuation. The tax savings tips alone are worth the price of this book! Also included is an outline of financial matters in retirement, including organising retirement income, making wills – and even funeral arrangements.

It is important to learn how to invest in yourself to create and maintain your income-earning ability. Whatever your goals, Shape Up Your Finances will help you gain the confidence and know-how to put your own personal finances into better order so that you can live the lifestyle of your choice.


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Be Your Own Boss (2nd Edition) by Ian Birt

Be Your Own Boss: The Practical Self-Employment Handbook (2nd Edition)
by Ian Birt

Running your own business? Thinking about starting a small business? Then Be Your Own Boss: The Practical Self-Employment Handbook is a ‘must read’.

Whether you work for yourself or contract your skilled labour to others, Be Your Own Boss is a short, practical and valuable resource. It is ideal for tradies (trade workers), contractors, repairers, freelancers, consultants and homecare providers as well as other professional service providers.

Be Your Own Boss gives you the know-how, techniques and tools to be successful, while keeping it simple. It covers self-employment at all stages of working life. It shows you how to: set yourself up in your very own business; keep it simple so you can focus on what is important; minimise the risks; get your product or service offering right for your customers; manage your finances, simply, while meeting all legal requirements; and prepare for your retirement.

It is also the most accessible, simply-written guide for students doing a trade, technical or professional course who intend to go out on their own.

Be Your Own Boss: The Practical Self-Employment Handbook covers a range of skills – from time management and techniques to control stress, to goals setting and working smarter. It will also help you keep motivated, committed and productive. This book is a realistic account of what actually happens when you want to be your own boss, and it will help you to keep it simple and be successful.

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Legal Compliance and Risk Management in Small Business (2nd Edition)


Legal Compliance and Risk Management in Small Business (2nd Edition) by Ian Birt

This book outlines the necessary steps for small businesses to take in order to prevent breaches of the law. It enables new businesses, firstly, to identify and implement all relevant regulatory requirements. It then delves into the intricacies of contracts, the legally enforceable agreements that create rights and obligations. Specific chapters focus on the need to negotiate and arrange contracts applying to work relationships, insurance cover, commercial leasing and other land dealings. It concludes by covering ongoing business compliance with legislative requirements relating to consumer protection, work health and safety, taxation procedures and business records.


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WHS Management (Second Edition) by Susanne Bahn

It is the right of every person to work in a safe environment. Globally every year, however, more than two million people lose their lives to work-related injury and disease. And this does not take into account the millions who are also injured while at work. WHS Management: Contemporary Issues in Australia is a practical guide to managing work health and safety in Australian organisations. Written for students and safety professionals, it introduces the issues safety professionals are faced with in their efforts to improve…

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Guide for Microsoft Word 2016 – Beginner

The contents of this publication contribute to achieving the following units of competency in the Business Services Training Packages: BSBITU201 Produce simple word processed documents and BSBITU303 Design and produce text documents. This publication is designed as a go-to guide for a user who is just beginning to work with Microsoft Word 2016. It can be used as a tutorial for self-paced learning or by an instructor for teaching. If kept conveniently near your workstation, it can also be used as your primary reference, showing…

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Be Your Own Boss; The Practical Self-Employment Handbook by Ian Birt

Print ISBN: 978-1-925716-34-4 $29.95 eBook eISBN: 978-1-925716-35-1 $16.50 Ian Birt This handbook is a short practical guide for the growing number of people working as independent contractors selling their own skilled labour services. You could be a self-employed ‘tradie’ (trades person), contractor, repairer, consultant, freelance, professional-type person, or any other kind of individual service provider. Being self-employed means that you are running your own service-based enterprise. Be Your Own Boss is a convenient handy guide that explains simply, without jargon, how to successfully start and…

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