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Human Resource Development through innovation and productivity. B. Delahaye & S. Choy


What sets this book apart is its focus on equipping human resource developers with knowledge, skills and strategies to help workers gain, create and appropriate knowledge and skills that build their capacity for innovation and productivity.
It offers comprehensive theoretical and practical coverage on workforce development using practical strategies for learning to achieve occupational and career development goals, and organisational productivity targets. The content repositions workforce capacity building beyond human resource management to include human resource development with interests in individual and organisational outcomes.
The distinct feature of the book lies in the embeddedness of the strategies within the context of work settings, and a focus on innovation and productivity. The point of departure from other similar texts lies in integrating learning and work to closely align with the organisational strategy and individual development plans to serve, both the individual and system. The boxed notes illustrate how theoretical concepts are applied to a case site, enabling students to draw on these to reconcile the content in the context of worker-learners and workplaces they engage with.
The composition of the content and design of the book was deliberately set out to meet the learning needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as practicing human resource development personnel with responsibility for individual and organisational learning. The accompanying workbook allows users to self-assess their interpretation and application of theories and concepts, as well as theorise new knowledge that is created during their learning and practice.

Human Resource Development (5th Edition) by Brian Delahaye and Sarojni Choi

Trainers, instructors, adult teachers, human resource developers, workplace educators, community educators, learning consultants and knowledge managers are just some of the titles given to the people, who are given the responsibility to develop individual and organisational learning. People who undertake this role are faced with a number of conflicting yet ever-present pressures. Among these pressures are: 1. demands to decrease the dollar and time investment in staff development, 2. the increasing complexity of technology, 3. the enhanced expectations of adult-learners that they be treated as…

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Calling All Teachers!

Seismic changes in vocational and tertiary level education mean there’s a drought of suitable texts. Teaching materials that worked, even 10 years ago, just don’t apply today. The new texts are not yet written. That’s why WE NEED NEW AUTHORS. If you are interested in becoming influential in creating new material in your subject area, we need to hear from you URGENTLY. Here’s how you can do it. Click on the LINK to send us the type of information we require so we can take…

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Import/Export; Guidelines for International Trade

Print ISBN: 978-1-925716-28-3 $69.95 eBook eISBN: 978-1-925716-29-0 $38.95 Sebastian Ioppolo Most businesses will be affected by international trade to some extent. Businesses, therefore, need to be dynamic and respond to the changing business environment to prosper or, in many cases, just to survive. Import/Export: Guidelines for International Trade, Third Edition, is designed to help business people and students gain specific international trade related knowledge. This will assist participants in identifying and capitalising on opportunities and reducing their risks, leading to improved business outcomes. This book…

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Essential Competencies in HRM

2017 Mike Fazey $49.95 Print ISBN: 978-1-925716-08-5 eBook eISBN: $27.95978-1-925716-09-2 HRM Unplugged is intended primarily for those studying towards a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification in human resource management. The chapters reflect the knowledge assessment criteria for each competency, and address the issues in a succinct way with an emphasis on policy and practice. Each chapter includes two learning activities that require students to apply the ideas outlined in the chapter to a realistic scenario where they have to deal with an issue or…

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