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Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans; In Your Business

Print ISBN: 978-1-925716-36-8 $74.95 eBook eISBN: 978-1-925716-37-5 $41.95 Ian Birt Manage Finance and Develop Financial Plans, Fifth Edition, shows you how to control financial results effectively in a small business. To do this, you need to: keep relevant records; report operating results; and plan financial performance. This book is divided into three parts. Part A, Manage Finances: Financial Records, investigates simple financial records and record-keeping procedures and legal requirements for records. Part B, Manage Finances: Financial Reports, then examines preparing and analysing simple financial reports…

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Marketing and Promoting Your Business

Products and Services Small Business Management 2017 Ian Birt $59.95 Print ISBN: 978-0-7346-0814-7 $32.95 eBook eISBN: 978-0-7346-2063-7 Effective marketing is essential for small business success. Marketing, simply defined, is ‘giving people what they want profitably’. This means designing a business offer that satisfies your customers to make sales. Satisfied customers return and refer others to your business. Marketing and Promoting Your Business, Second Edition, describes the marketing process for a small business and how to prepare a marketing plan for your operation. A separate chapter…

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