Credit Analysis and Lending Management 5E (eBook)

Strengthening Ethical Practices

Authors: Milind Sathye & James Bartle

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Lending is one of the most important functions of any lending institution and, if not managed properly, it can lead to credit quality problems that potentially threaten the very existence of the financial institution. To manage the lending function properly and mitigate credit quality problems, staff adequately trained in risk assessment and management are required.

Credit Analysis and Lending Management, Fifth Edition is a comprehensive and complete textbook on credit risk analysis and lending management. It is intended to be a key resource in the training of staff in the financial sector.

The book is divided into six parts, including 17 chapters. Parts I & II present a framework for assessing and managing credit risk. Parts III & IV include chapters that deal with special types of lending: consumer lending, corporate lending, small business lending and international lending. Part V details credit risk management and measurement techniques, and problem loan management. Part VI then looks at other forms of finance: microfinance, agricultural finance, quantitative finance and financial technology (FinTech). FinTech is a new addition to the book and recognises the ever-changing financial environment.

Throughout this text, learning objectives are clearly indicated at the beginning of each chapter, and the chapter content then directly addresses these objectives. Additionally, new concepts are developed in a brick-by- brick manner and supplemented by clear and useful examples.

This Fifth edition has been fully revised and updated to address issues from COVID-19 and the global financial crisis (GFC), including changes to the prudential standards.

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Milind Sathye & James Bartle







Table of Contents

Credit Analysis and Lending Management – Table of Contents

  • Part I - Overview
    • Chapter 1: The principles of lending and lending basics
  • Part II: Analysis and interpretation of credit risk
    • Chapter 2: Financial statements analysis
    • Chapter 3 — Credit scoring techniques Chapter 4 — Credit risk analysis – an introduction
  • Part III: Consumer lending
    • Chapter 5 — Consumer lending
    • Chapter 6 — Real estate lending
    • Chapter 7 — Security, consumer credit legislation and legal issues
  • Part IV: Consumer lending
    • Chapter 8 - Corporate lending
    • Chapter 9 — Small business lending
    • Chapter 10 — International lending
  • Part V: Assessment and management of risk
    • Chapter 11 — Credit risk measurement & loan portfolio management
    • Chapter 12 — Credit risk from the regulator’s perspective
    • Chapter 13 — Problem loan management
  • Part VI: Other forms of finance
    • Chapter 14 — Micro-finance management
    • Chapter 15 — Agricultural finance
    • Chapter 16 — Quantitative finance
  • Part VII: Case studies

About the authors
Author 1

Milind Sathye is Professor of Banking and Finance and Head: Accounting, Banking and Finance Discipline at the University of Canberra. His research focus is on efficiency and productivity, AMLCTF, e-ba

Author 2

James Bartle

James Bartle has over twenty years of experience in the finance industry and has worked in various credit and treasury positions in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, KPMG Management Consultants and Bancorp Australia. James’s consulting experience has given him exposure to Australian banks, government and corporates. He has completed assignments in New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia.




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