Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans – 6E (eBook)

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Authors: Ian Birt

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Manage Finance and Develop Financial Plans, Sixth Edition, shows you how to control financial results effectively in a small business.

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Manage Finance and Develop Financial Plans, Sixth Edition, shows you how to control financial results effectively in a small business. To do this, you need to:

– Keep relevant records
– report operating results
– plan financial performance.

This book is divided into three parts. Part A, Manage Finances: Financial Records, investigates simple financial records, recordkeeping procedures and legal requirements for records. Part B, Manage Finances: Financial Reports, then examines preparing and analysing simple financial reports including income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets. A business’s tax obligations are also addressed. Finally, Part C, Develop Financial Plans, examines profit planning, capital expenditure, budgeting, cash flow management and financing decisions. There is also a glossary at the end of the book of key recordkeeping and financial terms.

Each chapter has exercises within the text, a list of key terms, and a multiple-choice quiz. There are also assessment activities at the end of key chapters. The answers to the quizzes can be found at the end of the book.

After reading this book, you should be able to record, report on and plan financial performance to successfully run a small business.

Educational Outcomes:

BSBSBM406 – Manage small business finances
BSBSBM402 – Plan small business finances

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Ian Birt







Educational Outcomes

BSBSBM402A – Plan small business finances; BSBSBM406A – Manage small business finances



Table of Contents

Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans – Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Part A - Manage Finances: Financial Records
    • Chapter 1:
      • Financial Records Overview
      • Reasons for Financial Records
      • Financial Control Process
      • Financial Transactions
      • Types of Financial Records
      • The Financial Recording System
      • Effective Financial Recording
      • Role of Accountants
      • Quick Quiz
    • Chapter 2: Source Documents
      • Role of Source Documents
      • Sales Transaction Documents
      • Expense Transaction Documents
      • Asset Transaction Documents
      • Bank Transaction Documents
      • Source Document Trails
      • Quick Quiz
    • Chapter 3: Cashbooks
      • Role of Cashbooks
      • Cash Receipts Journal
      • Cash Payments Journal
      • Other Cashbooks
      • Bank Reconciliation Statement
      • Quick Quiz
    • Chapter 4: Other Financial Records
      • Other Records Overview
      • Sales Records
      • Wages Records
      • Job Records
      • Fixed Asset Records
      • Stock Records
      • Debtor Records
      • Creditor Records
      • Quick Quiz
    • Chapter 5: Records Maintenance
      • Overview of Records Maintenance
      • Internal Controls
      • Online Security
      • Records Maintenance Program
      • Record Files
      • Legal Requirements
      • Quick Quiz
  • Part B - Manage Finances: Financial Reports
    • Chapter 6: The Income Statement
      • Profit Performance
      • Income Statement Explained
      • Preparing Income Statements
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 1
    • Chapter 7: The Cash Flow Statement
      • Cash Flow Performance
      • Cash Flow Statement Explained
      • Preparing Cash Flow Statements
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 2
    • Chapter 8: The Balance Sheet
      • Financial Position
      • Balance Sheet Explained
      • Preparing Balance Sheets
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 3
      • Chapter 9: Financial Results Evaluation
      • Reasons for Analysing Results
      • Time Comparisons
      • Financial Ratios
      • Interpretation of Ratios
      • Applying Ratio Analysis
      • Limitations of Ratio Analysis
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 4
      • Assessment Activity 5
    • Chapter 10: Taxation Reports
      • Taxation Obligations Overview
      • Income Tax
      • GST
      • Other Taxes
      • Sources of Tax Advice
      • Quick Quiz
  • Part C - Develop Financial Plans
    • Chapter 11: Profit Planning
      • Desired Profit Target
      • Volume, Costs and Profit
      • Business Costs
      • Break-Even Analysis
      • Setting Prices
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 6
    • Chapter 12: Capital Expenditure Proposals
      • Defining Capital Expenditure
      • Evaluating Capital Expenditure
      • Selecting Projects
      • Valuing Goodwill
      • Impact of Capital Expenditure
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 7
    • Chapter 13: Budgeting and Control
      • Role of Budgets
      • Types of Budgets
      • Budget-Building Process
      • Annual Operating Budgets
      • Annual Capital Budgets
      • Annual Financial Statement Budgets
      • Budgetary Control
      • Long-Term Budgets
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 8
    • Chapter 14: Cash Flow Management
      • Importance of Liquidity
      • The Cash Cycle
      • Working Capital Controls
      • Cash Flow Plan Explained
      • Preparing Cash Flow Plans
      • Controlling Cash Flows
      • Long-Term Cash Flow Plans
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 9
    • Chapter 15: Financing Decisions
      • Financing Structure
      • Financing Requirements
      • Ways of Financing
      • Loan Sources and Forms
      • Choosing Financing – Factors to Consider
      • The Financing Plan
      • Quick Quiz
      • Assessment Activity 10
      • Answers to Quick Quizzes
  • Glossary of Recordkeeping and Financial Terms

About the authors
Author 1

Ian Birt is an accountant who has degrees in accounting and law, as well as postgraduate diplomas in education and psychology. He has worked extensively in small business, at every level, and for an a




Running Your Business Better


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Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans (Sixth Edition)

Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans - 6E (eBook)

GST: $4.68 included