WHS Management (Second Edition)

Contemporary Issues in Australia

Authors: Susanne Bahn

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It is the right of every person to work in a safe environment. Globally every year, however, more than two million people lose their lives to work-related injury and disease. And this does not take into account the millions who are also injured while at work.

WHS Management: Contemporary Issues in Australia is a practical guide to managing work health and safety in Australian organisations. Written for students and safety professionals, it introduces the issues safety professionals are faced with in their efforts to improve safety culture.

This book is divided into four parts. Part I, Work Health and Safety Legislation, presents an historical account of how safety legislation was developed in Australia. Part II, The Role of the Health and Safety Professional, examines the role of the safety professional, and the demands and issues that arise within this role. Part III, Research Evidence, looks at hazard identification, the role of supervisors, and the impact that training in safety has on reducing work-related injuries. Part IV, Evaluation and Performance, presents some of the issues that

safety professionals are required to manage in an ever-changing workplace and offers research ideas and strategies that can help to reduce work-related injury and disease.

Backed up by research, the Second Edition of WHS Management: Contemporary 

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Dr Susanne Bahn is Senior Lecturer (Research) in the Centre for Innovative Practice, School of Business at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. She has extensive national and internatio




Contemporary Issues in Australia


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WHS Management (Second Edition)

WHS Management (Second Edition)

GST: $6.16 included

Out of stock