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Intercultural Communications 2E

Intercultural Communications 2E
Intercultural Communications 2E
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  • ISBN: 978-1-925716-31-3

Communication is the expression of our thoughts and feelings, and culture has a significant impact on how we communicate. This is why different cultural groups communicate differently.
With the recent rise of globalisation and the rapid growth of multiculturalism in society, we are now required to communicate more often with people from different cultural backgrounds. When communicating, one of the biggest mistakes we make is to assume others think the same way we do.
Intercultural Communication: Connecting with Cultural Diversity first reviews the basics of communication, and then applies that knowledge in an intercultural context, taking you on a journey that leads to improved interactions and relationships, greater success in the achievement of goals, and better outcomes in both your professional and personal life.

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Authors Ioppolo, Sebastian
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Product Info
eISBN 978-1-925716-31-3
Subtitle Connecting with Cultural Diversity
About the book
Pages 164
Edition First
Publish Date 2017
Table of Contents Chapter 1 - The communication process, Chapter 2 - What is culture?, Chapter 3 - Understanding ourselves, Chapter 4 - Cultural dimensions, Chapter 5 - Distinguishing cultural elements, Chapter 6 - Putting it all together, Chapter 7 - Conclusion.
About the authors
Author 1 In addition to his formal academic qualifications, Sebastian Ioppolo has over 20 years of hands-on experience as an importer and exporter, and now uses this knowledge in his trade consulting work for organisations in Australia and abroad. This has provided him with the most valuable requirement for international trade success: an intimate knowledge of the industry. Over this period, he has witnessed and been a part of the evolving nature of the industry and all the associated developments in regulations, practices and procedures. This extensive and practical experience is reflected in his approach to his consulting work and writing, and provides real and usable information to the recipients of his work. As a teacher and course facilitator at Melbourne’s Victoria University and other institutions, Sebastian has also been involved in helping people to develop the knowledge and skills required to work in the growing field of international trade.