“Mirabel Publishing is an educational print media company conceived and designed to cater for a range of academic pursuit”

Est. 2015

Our Story

Mirabel Publishing is an educational print media company, conceived and designed to cater to academic pursuits and interests.

We use the latest distribution technology, highly refined marketing platforms, and online sales. Mirabel Publishing makes educational publications more easily accessible to a wider readership, at the lowest cost.

Our texts are distributed nationally and internationally in print and electronic formats, available in over 160 databases globally.

We are here to bring creative change. A culmination of nearly two decades of developing software, hardware and logistics has produced a highly refined production system. Both authors and readers reap the benefits.

We are privileged to impart knowledge; we do not carry this responsibility lightly. Through our imprints, we intend to spread educational and cultural ideas at the forefront of creative, positive change.