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Sports Leadership (2nd EDITION)

Sports Leadership (2nd EDITION)
Sports Leadership (2nd EDITION)
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In determining success, sportspeople are influenced by talent compared to businesspeople, who chase experience. Both people, however, must address behaviour and relationships with other people.

This brings into question the mental state of these people, and in the case of sporting people, they strive to be elite in their field through positive behaviours and physical abilities.

This book explores the practical knowledge of positive sport leadership behaviours by combining the leadership affirmation process, and the understanding of human behaviour on the field.

If a sporting club strives to be professional both on and off the field, then the management of the club off the field is just as important as the team members on the field. The book covers business structures and roles, and integrity and ethical behaviours for managers and administrators.

Overall, the book covers sporting people at all levels and ages both on and off the field, not just elite sportspeople.

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