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The Frontline Leader - eBook (Second Edition)

The Frontline Leader - eBook (Second Edition)
The Frontline Leader - eBook (Second Edition)
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  • ISBN: 978-1-925716-33-7

Many organisations have transformation programs to address issues related to becoming more efficient and competitive. Additionally, some have decided that the solutions to being successful rest with their frontline leaders and managers. These progressive organisations are challenging their leaders and managers by providing the support and resources they require, and then holding them accountable for their performance outcomes.

Since the operational frontline is the focus for the achievement of commercial outcomes as well as

for effective service and product delivery, other organisational units need to support the frontline.

Written specifically for frontline operational leaders and managers, this text describes the environment and the new patterns of management in which frontline leaders must work, and prepares students for success in frontline leadership through skills development and an 'improved awareness and self-confidence in the workplace'.

Tracing the emerging profile of frontline leadership, this book consists of 15 chapters divided into five parts:

Part A – The Changing Scene, Part B – Achieving Best Results, Part C – Leading Winning Teams,

Part D – High Performance Leaders, and Part E – The Way Ahead.

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Authors Ern Prentice
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Product Info
ISBN 978-1-925716-32-0
eISBN 978-1-925716-33-7
Subtitle Developing Effective Leadership Skills
About the book
Pages 293
Edition 2
Table of Contents Part A - The Changing Scene 1 Chapter 1 - Emerging profile Purpose, Skills base, Historical view, From manager to leader, Current attitudes, Partnerships replacing hierarchy, Changing workplace, Emerging profile, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 2 - Demands and challenges Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, What has changed?, Workplace change, Flexible work patterns, Work/life balance, Workforce development, Changing job roles, Tomorrow’s employees, Workforce generations, Implications for frontline leaders, Organisational context, Outsourcing and shared services, Contractors, Temporary employees, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 3 - Setting directions Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Values–based culture, Values/Guiding Principles Questionnaire, Mission and vision, Alignment and focus, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Part B - Achieving Best Results 43 Chapter 4 - Business and performance plans Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Scope of performance culture, Strategic planning, The business plan, Performance planning and review, Strategic business model, Overview of the process, Performance Plan Matrix (financial or calendar year), Business priorities, Some definitions of terms, Performance measures, Examples:, Awareness of accountability, Cascading performance plans, Scoreboard, Individual assessment of performance, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 5 - Innovation capability, Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Getting best value, Towards best practice, An overview, Cutting costs by reducing waste, Work processes, Using resources, Organisational best practice, Marketing and customer linkage, Problem identification, Building and maintaining partnerships, Other people’s best practice, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 6 - Managing continuous change, Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, The sources of change, The reaction to change, Introducing change, Change caused by crisis, Change for other reasons, Power, Making change happen, Managing a crisis, Thoughts for a change agent, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions, Chapter 7 - Quality workplaces Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Employee relations, Workforce involvement, Employee learning, Managing diversity, Workplace harassment, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Part C - Leading Winning Teams Chapter 8 - Towards team success Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Workplace teams, Defining the team, The paradox of teamwork, The new role of the frontline leader, Team stocktaking, Building teams, Team formation, Conceiving the team, Roles and structure, Obstacles to achievement, Performance measurement, Team development, Cooperation, The use of power, Teams in action, Customer focus, Continuous improvement, Rewards, Review, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions Chapter 9 - Moving from compliance to commitment Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Managers and leaders, Empowerment, Peer pressure and reporting, Relationships, Teamwork, leadership and relationships, The essential relationships, The ingredients of constructive co-operation, Leadership framework, Values driven organisation, Performance review - Living the values, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 10 - Leader and coach Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Why is coaching (people) good for business?, Coaching as one of the ways to lead, Coaching structure, Coaching roles, Key capabilities for a coach, Role of coaching partner, Mentoring relationships, What benefits can the mentee expect from the relationship?, Role of the mentor, Responsibilities of a mentee, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Part D - High Performing Leaders Chapter 11 - Selecting and retaining talent Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Selection processes, Assessment centre method, Development centres, Frontline leader development, Preliminary training, Assimilation Chapter 12 - Developing frontline leaders Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Stages of development, Development framework, Organisational foundation, Development profile, Results, Demonstrating competency, Business competencies, Assessment of competency, Individual development plan, Qualifications, Program outline, Purpose of the program, Program design, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 13 - Recognition and reward Purpose, Skills base, Background, Business plan/reward model, Reward strategy, Role clarity, Rewarding frontline leaders, Performance based, Skill based, Performance development review, Performance review flowchart, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Part E - The Way Ahead Chapter 14 - Open communication Purpose, Skills base, The communication factor, The communication process, The communication flow, Listening, The conduct of meetings, Leading a small group discussion, Writing a group report, Suggested check list for frontline leaders, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions. Chapter 15 - Maintaining employability Purpose, Skills base, Introduction, Organisational skills, Business literacy, Information sharing, The information sharing culture, Negotiation skills, Facilitation skills, Be inclusive, Time element, Risk taking, Role model positive behaviours, Business application, Networking, Knowledge-based networks, Interest-based networks, Business-based networks, Personal-based networks, Personal skills, Building relationships, Interpersonal skills, Temperament, Personal awareness, Promoting yourself, The need for balance, Tips for learning, Frontline findings, Frontline questions
About the authors
Author 1 Ern Prentice